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-burns the chapter-

-viciously starts smacking the closest person next to her- RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aha…Just kidding~!  I didn’t burn it.  Not yet at least. ^^ Go read it.

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I’m so sorry. I need to keep my mouth shut.

Can they redo the anime?  I want to see this in color.

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Oh my god, oh my god, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die yet!!!!! Don’t! Die! YET! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! Someone save him!!! Don’t die yet you, creep!!!!

-all caught up with Loveless, went back to reading Pandora Hearts.

I’m afraid to click the arrow key to see the next page.

I really am.

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I don’t care what anyone says. 

Either Yao from Hetalia is universe jumping, or Nisei is mind suggesting us that he’s an old country man named China from the Hetalia Universe. 

Either Yao doesn’t think he can find his Match in the Hetaliaverse. Or Nisei thinks he can be loved in Hetalia.

Either way…Seimei is a bitch, and should go hang out in the same dank pithole Jack Vessalius is in!



Plus no one can say no to a bit of fan-service!

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I don’t want to wait another 8 years for this manga to update!!!

Someone save Nisei! -sob-sob-sob-

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=q= Ritsuka….21 years old….you look like…Se..Seimei….

-trying not to think of Seimei-

Think of…21 Ritsuka and 30 year old Soubi.

neh-heh!  It doesn’t sound so bad with the time jump!

neh-heh!  BL can turn into /Y/

+0+ ohhhh!!! The Zero Boys would be such hotties too!!  I hope she draws them 10 years in the future too!!! …. IF THEY DON’T DIE!

I need to stop this fangirling.  Its…hazardous to my health.

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yo……. youji’s been losing it alot this volume…maybe he’s losing his Zero-ness.


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So….the Loveless Universe…. What exactly defines virginity biologically there???

Like the ears and tail fall off when one loses their Virginity to someone, its been stated that way in the manga

But, would they lose their ears and tail if they were pleasing only themselves???  Or what about those people who can climax without touch??

Like how the hell does the body know the difference to cut off circulation to those two appendages so they can fall off?!?! An orgasm is an orgasm ain’t it??   Or would you need one?  Maybe you don’t?


Clearly, I’m thinking too hard about this.

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youji said “I’m hungry” and “ow” twice in this volume

oAo!!! I wonder if that’s foreshadowing!

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Oh my god….-freaking out- I get it! I GET IT!! -flips the table- I FREAKING GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made it to Vol7 ch51 of Loveless.